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Most Common Repair Issues:
  • Laptop Charge Ports
  • Laptop LCD Screens
  • Laptop Keyboards
  • Battery Life
  • Slow Computer
  • Liquid Damage
  • Red Ring of Death
  • Yellow Light of Death
  • Overheating
  • DVD & Blue-Ray Drives
  • iPhone Touchscreens
  • Nintendo DS Broken in Half
  • wii not reading games
  • Broken GPS Touchscreen


Cellular Repair Plus can repair or replace a wide range of components for virtually every cell phone on every cellular carrier available! The professional staff at Cellular Repair Plus can take care of all your cellular repair or replacement needs. We not only repair cell phones, but we also provide repair service for, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo wii, DS Series, IPods, Computers, and GPS Units!

CELL PHONE SERVICES INCLUDEData Transfer & Backup / SMS Printing: Are you tired of losing all of your pictures of your loved ones when you switch phones? Do you need your txt messages for court? Cell Repair Plus can help you! We can backup all of your data to a flash drive, another cell phone, cd, dvd, print them off, or even save them in store for you.

Diagnostic & Repair: Cell Repair Plus can diagnose and repair iPhones, iPods, gaming consoles, and computers. This includes cleaning and testing.

Liquid Damage: Drop your phone in the toilet? No worries, we can fix most liquid damaged cell phones.This might also cause your phone to display a white or black sceen.

Unlock/Jailbreak: Cell Repair Plus can unlock your cell phone to work on all gsm networks. We also unlock and jailbreak iPhones!

Charge Ports: Is your cell phone always having problems charging, or is it so bad the charger won’t stay in anymore? Cell Repair Plus can help you.

Hello! Can you hear me? Sound familiar? We can replace speakers and microphones.

Broken Touchscreen or LCD: Drop your iPhone? No problem, we can replace broken touchscreens and lcd screen on almost every cell phone on the market.

Flex Cables: Is your keyboard, buttons, headset jack, or power button not working anymore? Chances are you have a bad flex cable. We can replace all types of flex cables for virtually every cell phone.

Poor Battery Life: Is your battery swollen or not what it used to be?. Cellular Repair Plus has a wide range of OEM replacement batteries instock.

GAME CONSOLE SERVICES INCLUDEDiagnostics and Repair: Have a problem with your console? We have the tools to better understand and treat your video game delimma and provide fast turnaround and cost affective hardware or software solutions.

DVD & Blu-Ray Drives: Is your console not reading games or movies anymore? We install brand new OEM replacement parts for Xbox 360, PS3, and nintendo wii.

Error Codes: E74 or an 800 code on your PS3? We can repair most common error codes displayed by your console.

No Power: The power supply in your console provides the power to keep your games running. We provide power supply replacements for all consoles.

Broken Port Replacement: The connector ports on the front and back of your game console can become damaged or blocked with debree over time. We can clean and replace connector ports to restore them to working condition.

Liquid Damage: Basement full of water? Drop your console in the toilet? We can clean and restore most water-damaged parts and accessories.

Red Ring of Death: The big R.R.O.D The most common issue that plagues the Xbox 360 can be easily and quickly repaired by our technicians. We have over a 95% success rate!

Yellow Light of Death: Does your PS3 not turn on and only flashes three red lights and just beeps at you? The Playstation 3 is not immune to it's own version of the Red Ring of Death. We have over a 98% success rate for Y.L.O.D repairs.

Over Heating: Is your console locking up or hot enough to fry eggs? We offer fan modifications for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that work better than any clip on fan you can buy. After our fan mod you system wont have a chance to even get warm.

Mod-Chip Installation: We offer complete mod-chip hardware installation services for Xbox360, PS3 and Nintendo wii.

Hard Drive Upgrades: Fill up your little hard drive? We can upgrade your hard drive which will increase the storage of your console to allow more room for game saves and marketplace downloads.

LCD & Touch Screen: The displays for portable game consoles are very sensitive to shock damage from being dropped or scratched. We can replace the LCD or touchscreen for PSP, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS and your GPS.

iPod SERVICES INCLUDEBroken Touchscreen / LCD: Dropped your iPod? We can replace your broken Touchscreen or LCD on most iPods.

Headset Jack: No sound or sound only out of one speaker? We can replace the headset jack on most iPods including the iPod touch.

Poor Battery Life: We have brand new ORM remplacement batteries for your iPod.

Liquid Damage: Drop your iPod in the toilet? No worries, we can fix most liquid damaged iPods.

GPS SERVICES INCLUDEBroken Touchscreen / LCD: Dropped your GPS? We can replace your broken Touchscreen or LCD on most GPS units.

Charge / Data Port: Is your GPS not charging or have to hold the charger a certain way to get it to charge? We can repair or replace your charge/data connector.

Liquid Damage: Drop your GPS in the toilet? No worries, we can fix most liquid damaged GPS units.

LAPTOP / DESKTOP SERVICES INCLUDEDiagnostics and Virus Removal: Have a virus or slow running computer? We provide virus removal and can streamline your system for maximum preformance.

Charge Port Replacement: Is your laptop not charging anymore? Do you have to hold it a certain way to get it to charge? If so we can repair or replace damaged charging connectors on most laptops.

Broken LCD: We offer fast and cost effective solutions for broken laptop lcd screens to get you back to work or play.

Broken Keyboard: Does your laptop keyboard no longer work or did your three year old pick all the keys off? No problem we can replace your broken keyboard with a brand new OEM part.